General Dental

The Practice can offer dental treatment for the whole family.

We offer a full diagnostic service with all aspects of preventive dental therapy from simple fillings to full mouth reconstructions.

Specialist referrals can be arranged as required.

The section below itemises the general treatments offered.


Diagnosis and treatment planning

We assess the whole patient.

Our examination involves the hard and soft tissues of the head and teeth.

Should aesthetic treatments be required photographs and impressions of the teeth are taken which enable us to assess what is possible in terms of improved appearance.

We use the “Golden Proportion” evaluation of the patient. This involves following simple rules to obtain aesthetic symmetry. By following these rules one can obtain a harmonious appearance where the teeth beautifully fit in to the rest of the facial features.

We look at the teeth in relation to the lips, gum line and smile position. Assessment is made of the tooth size shape colour angulations and arrangement. All of these factors act together to create individual smiles that enhance well being.

We will sit with you and discuss our findings and offer you various solutions to meet your needs.

If you are happy to proceed we will give you a written detailed report of our findings and the treatments required.

The report will include a detailed breakdown of our costs.

Having digested all the facts you can proceed to give consent for active treatment. Some treatments involve considerable time in planning and surgery visits. This can be spread over a number of months.

Should treatment be required quickly, arrangements can be made to accelerate the time interval from start to finish if suitable.

You the patient are in control of your treatment.

Knowledge and commitment leads to an excellent result helping you to achieve your goals.

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